Garden of La Source and Le Bouillon

Jardin source

Voyage through a light mist and enter the garden of the Source. A verdant alcove lined with vegetation hailing from wet environments, this garden intertwines bamboo, butterburs as well as rhododendrons and Japanese azaleas.
At one end of the garden, you can catch a glimpse of the principal source of the Loiret River. This karstic reappearance of the Loire, whose origin remained for a long time secret, draws its name, le Bouillon, from the frothing bubbling that characterizes it. Due to the existence of calcareous soil, some of the river’s waters flow in a network of more or less 40 kilometers of subterranean galleries.
These waters resurface in the center of the park to then rejoin the Loire.
On the Loiret River, a flamingo colony stays the year while a set of ducks, native or not, wades peacefully.

Parc Floral de la Source - Avenue du Parc Floral - 45072 Orléans cedex 2

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